TVRO Application

SatStar offers system integration of satellite footprint coverage data and other types of digitised coverage data, e.g. for terrestrial TV and mobile networks, which can be used to filter out relevant information from databases and/or to operate devices such as satellite receivers etc. To clarify this further, please consider the following TVRO application example below.

"I have just arrived in St. Tropez harbour, which channels can I get on my dish?" Apparently this is the most frequent type of service call received by maritime TVRO manufacturers contact centres today, and SatStar has the solution to the problem.

SatStar maintains a database of satellite coverages for essentially all C‐band and Ku‐band satellites used for TV broadcasting today. Our interactive BeamFinder tool enables the user to specify a location (longitude/latitude, nearest city/port, or by clicking on a map) and size of antenna and receive a complete list of available satellite beams which can be received at that specific location with that particular antenna size.

SatStar can provide you with a supplier-specific stand-alone version of our TVRO Control Centre Application entirely in your company’s brand, referencing your antenna product numbers rather than antenna sizes. By stand-alone, we mean using a locally stored version of our database which would be automatically updated when low-cost internet connectivity is available e.g. using port Wi-Fi.

The system will point the TVRO to the correct satellite and can automatically tune in the selected channel on a satellite receiver. The antenna can also automatically re‐target to different satellites along a predefined route.

A route traversing three satellite footprints

This application could be bundled with your maritime TVRO sales to make your product stand out and to increase sales. Main product features could also include the following:

Route mapping

Current location indicated on the satellite footprint maps

Automatic system updates via the internet at regular intervals

Database with contact details for all TV channel package providers

Database with dealers and service partners (nearest one can be selected using GPS position)

TV channel logotypes

If you feel that this could add to your product set we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at for more information.


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STB development with channel updates

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Satellite footprints with BeamFinder

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Maritime TVRO application development

Satellite Data

Looking for technical information about satellites and beam coverage maps?

SatStar can provide detailed technical information about commercial geostationary satellites. It can be used by professionals, e.g. for budget link calculations, and can easily be integrated into custom applications.

All data can be stored in a database, including downlink and uplink coverage maps, frequency plans, transmissions, TV/radio channels etc. For more information, please refer to the Satellite Data page.

Satellite Data