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SatStar provides up to date detailed technical information about commercial geostationary satellites: downlink (EIRP) and uplink (G/T) coverage/footprint maps, frequency plans, transmissions, TV/radio channels etc. The coverage maps are based on official sources, all in the same format and using the same map projection.

The satellite coverage data is stored in a database where, given a specific location, you get signal strength estimates for all satellite beams covering that location. The system has been successfully integrated into satellite receivers and maritime TVRO applications to calculate which satellite signals can be received and to automatically download channel information for available satellite beams. The system can also be used in a number of other applications where you need to find answers to questions like "Which satellite beams can I receive at my location with my current equipment?", "How do I aim my satellite dish to receive a specific satellite beam?" or "What dish size do I need to receive a specific satellite beam?".

For many years, SatStar has had a very close cooperation with a leading metadata supplier with many well known content providers, broadcast giants and new media companies on their client list. SatStar can provide a powerful tool to extract relevant data from almost any electronic source of channel schedule information.

SatStar also offers products and services like high resolution custom made footprints for publications, GIS vector or raster data for satellite footprints, systems for searching and handling satellite or any other kind of coverage data, systems for controlling satellite receivers and motorised satellite dishes etc.


  • STB Development
  • Coverage Maps
  • TVRO application

STB development with channel updates

and TV guide data from the internet

Satellite footprints with BeamFinder

TV listings metadata aggregation system

Maritime TVRO application development

TV Listings Metadata

Looking for a powerful TV listings metadata aggregation tool?

SatStar can help you extract relevant data from almost any electronic source of channel schedule information: web pages, images (through OCR), Excel files, Word files, text files, PDF files, XML files etc.

If you are interested in sample listings data files for a selection of TV channels, please contact us at info@satstar.net.